Health & Safety

There are hundreds of laws designed to keep workers safe at work and still the HSE recorded over 150 deaths at work last year.
This figure does not include those who die in road or other transport accidents while carrying out their work, or the thousands who die from industrial diseases such as cancer, or from exposure to asbestos.

Many others are injured or suffer long term, debilitating, illnesses which can also have a great impact on their families.

Unfortunately, accidents at work are still a regular occurrence hence why belonging to a union is important, GMB members are covered by the GMB Legal Service as part of their membership package.

Support and guidance on all aspects of health, safety and welfare is catered for by various means, ranging from provision of advice, conducting workplace inspections, sitting on health and safety committees and where necessary intervening and resolving inflammatory situations; which has proven to be an effective instrument in highlighting and gaining recognition of workplace issues.

GMB Safety Reps are fully encouraged to take up the opportunity to attend health & safety training courses. Surveys prove that trained Safety Representatives are the most effective in influencing managers. Training helps Safety Reps to do the job more effectively and some courses may also lead to a qualification.

GMB approach to preventing injuries and ill health at work:

  • Identify the hazard
  • Look at things that can cause an accident or damage health
  • Eliminate the hazard
  • Stop using or doing whatever it is that could harm or cause ill health to GMB members
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