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There are many different ways to become involved in our equality structures, both formally and informally.

Regional Equality Conference

Up to three people can be nominated by your branch to go to our annual Regional Equality Conference. The conference debates motions around equality that have been submitted by branches and selected by the Local Equality Forum.

To become formally involved you need to actively attend your branch meetings. To find out what branch you are in check your membership card.

On your branch you can become a Branch Equality Officer or Strand (Women, LGBT, Race, Disability, Youth) Equality Officer. Once you are officially in one of these roles you can attend your Local Equality Forum, these are localised forums that meet every other month.

Once at these forums, you can be elected to attend the Regional Equality Forum.



People suffer from discrimination not just within the workplace but in wider society.

The GMB is a trade union that knows and understands this and wants to challenge discrimination wherever it shows itself.

That’s why we have equality structures for our members in workplaces but also across the London Region which you can be part of.

Through your Local Equality Forum you can debate equality issues in your area and workplace plus get access to training and resources to help you with your role.

Local Equality Forums meet every two months and take place at the following GMB London Regional Offices:

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