GMB News

  1. Public sector workers are being forced to go to food banks to eat - that is an absolute disgrace and it must stop.

    An uprising of ‘Maybots’ will descend on Parliament Square today as part of a mass rally against the public sector pay cap.

  2. More misery for five million public sector workers as their wages take yet another hammering.

    GMB says public sector workers are at breaking point as inflation hits three per cent.

  3. This deal is liable to further scrutiny from the US administration who may see it as an attempt to dodge their trade tariffs.

    GMB has welcomed a deal between Bombardier and Airbus announced today, but warns the ‘devil will be in the detail’.

  4. Walkout is a response to Sellafield management’s broken promises, says GMB.

    Members of GMB, the union for nuclear workers, are today taking the first of two planned 12.5 hour strikes this week over a heated dispute over pay and conditions at Sellafield.

  5. Leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd's constituencies under threat as mass rally hits London to protest at pay cap.

    Public sector workers will play a decisive role in the next general election, new GMB figures show.

  6. The authority used every legal argument they could to avoid paying out, but after years of wasting everyone’s time they failed.

    GMB, the union for local government workers, has scored a huge victory after St Helen’s council paid out £3.5 million to members.

  7. GMB Scotland has today (Wednesday 12 October) warned that industrial action at both of Scotland’s nuclear power stations could leave the country without a third of its electricity supply this Christmas, as a dispute over cuts to staff terms and conditions intensifies.

    The biggest trade union in the UK nuclear industry is set to launch a nationwide consultative ballot after EDF Energy announced it will cut a long-standing agreement covering pay, terms and conditions during statutory outage periods.

  8. Fears are running high that this may be a blueprint for future UK trade deals with the US post-Brexit.

    GMB members working for Bombardier in Northern Ireland will today meet Owen Smith to ask for more action to safeguard their jobs.