GMB News

  1. Schools all over the UK are feeling the harsh bite of Tory cuts – and nowhere are the cuts biting deeper than Birmingham says GMB.
  2. It is a sad fact that workers still die in this country caused solely by the job they are employed to do often at the expense of making a few more pounds profit, says GMB.

  3. Union writes to Conservative Minister who promised to look into historic miscarriage of justice but has since remained silent.

  4. Ambulance staff bitten, stabbed and have blood spat at them in barrage of more than 14,000 physical assaults since 2012.

  5. Today’s scandalous figures are more proof Theresa May’s Government has completely and utterly failed to tackle insecure work.

  6. Private Member’s Bill to protect emergency workers returns to Parliament on Friday and must cover sexual assaults, says union.

  7. Shipyards in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and Spain now eyeing up critical defence contract, GMB investigation reveals.

  8. Game Of Thrones is the highest grossing TV series in the world – which costs £10million per episode to make - and they are paying nothing more than poverty wages says GMB.