GMB News

  1. To turf 28 people out of their homes, and give 45 dedicated carers the sack with no notice is nothing short of disgusting says GMB

  2. GMB members showed how prepared they were to flex their industrial muscles when required says GMB Union

  3. The latest collapses in the energy market by Iresa and National Gas and Power are a clear signal to Ofgem to act says GMB Union

  4. Why won’t NWAS meet with us, what are they so afraid of asks GMB?

  5. GMB members at AB-In-Bev are set to take industrial action in solidarity with their former colleague Paul Morley

  6. Amazon’s dodgy tax set up might mean lower prices, but the true cost is now laid bare says GMB Union

  7. If Amazon really wanted to help our public services, they'd pay taxes properly and treat their workforce better says GMB Union