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As from June 2018 your GMB Cambridge 2 branch is moving from Mill Road in Cambridge to the new Cambridge City Council depot, Cowley Road, Cambridge, all contact numbers and email contacts will remain the same
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We would like to thank all our members who have converted from membership payments from wages over to Direct Debit, we have visited over 300 Schools in the last year and have had some great conversations and meetings with members. The main feedback we got from you was that you thought you didn’t see us enough!, so can I remind all members that we are only a telephone call away, if you would like us to come along to your workplace for an informal meeting or chat even for half an hour in your staff room then just give us a call to arrange a visit. Most workplaces are experiencing changes or cuts due to austerity measures. Please come along and speak to us and see what the GMB can offer you.


Cambridge 2 Branch currently sponsors / supports
  • UMCA World Champion Ultra Cyclist Chris Hopkinson
  • Red Lodge Footbal Teams
  • Skaters Roller Hockey Club
  • Team Anglia Masters Swimming
  • Hazards 2017

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Meeting Dates

Branch Meeting are held at The Meadows Community Centre, 1 St. Catherine’s Road, Cambridge, CB4 3XJ.
Meetings are to discuss branch business, correspondance and regional reports.
Meetings are open to all members but can occasionally be cancelled and rescheduled at last minute so please call our office on 01223 458208 to confirm your attendance and check latest meeting dates • 23rd March • 18th May • 27th July • 28th September • 30th November Start time of 6pm..

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GMB Cambridge 2 represents members in the following workplaces:

  • Schools
  • Local authorities
  • Private companies
  • NHS
  • Gas, Electricity & Water Utilities

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Call 0300 333 0303
  • Employment Law or Personal Injury Law
  • Accident and Injury service
  • 100 per cent of your damages with no deductions


Why Join the GMB?

  • A Safer Workplace
  • Job Security
  • Better Pay
  • Better and Safer Pension

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Membership Benefits

Your GMB membership provides you with lots of additional benefits and offers
  • Unionline
  • Legal Help
  • Workplace Representation

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If you are asked to attend a formal meeting with your manager you have an absolute right to refuse to attend until your Shop Steward is available to attend the meeting with you.

If you are required by your employer to attend a disciplinary meeting you have a legal right to be accompanied by your Trade Union representative

You also have a statutory right to delay the meeting for up to five days to arrange representation by your shop steward.

If you are told that you do not have the right to be represented by your shop steward you should insist that your manager contact the shop steward and explain why you do not need be represented.
If you apply for annual leave and are refused you must keep a copy of the refusal slip. This is because you have a contract that states you are entitled to take your holiday within the holiday year but you have to show that you have made a reasonable attempt to take the holiday. If the company refuse you holiday they can be taken to the Tribunal for a breach of contract.

If you feel that you are being unfairly treated by a manager the GMB can arrange a confidential meeting with you.

In these circumstances we strongly advise you to contact your branch secretary or GMB regional office. To arrange a meeting you should contact the GMB Cambridge 2 office on 01223 458208.

Brighter Prospects

<h2>Brighter Prospects</h2>
Brighter Prospects
People working in unionised workplaces are twice as likely to have a say through consultative committees as people in non-union workplaces.

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<h2>Join GMB</h2>
Join GMB
If you and your family would like to start receiving all the benefits of being a GMB member, then please Join Online Here Today

Job Security

<h2>Job Security </h2>
Job Security
Unions strongly influence job security. Non-union members are twice as likely to be sacked as members.

Family Friendly Issues

<h2>Family Friendly Issues </h2>
Family Friendly Issues
Women in unionised workplaces are better off in terms of career opportunities, flexible working arrangements and support for family responsibilities than women in non-union workplaces. GMB members can take advantage of the major roll out of family friendly policies, including childcare schemes such as Sure Start and the Extended Childcare Scheme for Lone Parents, and maternity and paternity rights.

Collective Strength

<h2>Collective Strength</h2>
Collective Strength
On our own we can feel weak and that any change is impossible. As part of GMB you are part of a strong, campaigning union committed to winning for our members. Together we have the strength to make our lives better together we cannot be left isolated.

Legal Help

<h2>Legal Help</h2>
Legal Help
GMB legal services recover millions of pounds each year for members and their families; without members paying a penny more than their monthly contributions.


For our members who are retiring from work the GMB lifetime membership rate is free **Rules Apply**

John Cope Trust

<h2>John Cope Trust</h2>
John Cope Trust
The Branch also affiliates to the above Regional Trust fund. The fund's aims are to give financial help for course fees to any member from an affiliated Branch. Interviews for sponsorship are held quarterly and application forms are available from the Branch.

Strong Political Voice

<h2>Strong Political Voice</h2>
Strong Political Voice
GMB, working with other unions, has won 56 new commitments out of the previous Labour Government, including the right to five weeks paid holiday each year, excluding bank holidays, greater pension protection, the extension of protection pay and conditions in public services & a procurement policy that will safeguard jobs & skills in manufacturing.

Better Pay

<h2>Better Pay</h2>
Better Pay
Workers who belong to a trade union are paid about 8% more than non union workers in comparable jobs.


Equality is always high on the GMB agenda and following years of campaigning in this area recognised workplaces are now 20% more likely to have an equal opportunities policy.

Better & Safer Pension

<h2>Better & Safer Pension</h2>
Better & Safer Pension
Trade unions have won better occupational pensions for part-time workers and we have forced the Government to set up a pension protection fund which means if your pension scheme goes bust you are fully protected.

More Say at Work

<h2>More Say at Work</h2>
More Say at Work
People working in unionised workplaces are twice as likely to have a say through consultative committees as people in non-union workplaces. Regular meetings with management are more likely where unions are present and GMB will be working hard to ensure that employers comply with laws on information and consultation which mean you get a say in your workplace.

Safer Workplace

<h2>Safer Workplace</h2>
Safer Workplace
Non-union members are twice as likely to have an accident at work compared to members in workplaces where trade unions are present. Injury rates are higher in workplaces where management deal with health and safety issues without consulting workers’ representatives such as trade union safety reps.
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GMB is the UK's third largest trade union and with a 15% membership increase over the last five years, you are in excellent company of 630,000 other GMB members who benefit from GMB membership.

Whatever your job or workplace needs, we have an extensive range of GMB member benefits and offers.

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Violence & Aggression Guidance for Schools


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